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Hostel Rule And Regulation

Devta Girls Hostel is situated near the college building for only O.B.C. students. The hostel is equipped with all the modern facilities, needed by the students. Outstation students may seek admission in the hostel with the permission of hostel warden. 50 students can live in the hostel.


  1. All prospective candidates are required to procure the Hostel Application Form for current admission/re-admission and for each subsequent year of stay thereafter and fill in and submit the Application Form as per the admission schedule.
  2. All admissions to the Hostel are made strictly on the basis of merit. Only those candidates whose immediate family members do not reside within 30 kilometers of the College are considered for admissions.
  3. At the time of admission, chosen candidates must be accompanied by their Parents/ Local Guardians for an interview with the Warden/Hostel Committee.
  4. Selected candidates shall be required to submit Hostel Fee by the stipulated date and time. If the fee is not paid, the offer of admission shall stand automatically cancelled.
  5. In case a resident student fails in her University examination and becomes an ex-student of the College, she will lose her Hostel allotment. Subsequently, upon passing she will not get back her Hostel seat automatically. Instead, she has to compete afresh for admission through the new merit list for her batch. Only in those cases where Improvement-examination
    results certify promotion will automatic re-admission be granted.
  6. After the successful completion of each academic year, resident students are re-admitted provided their conduct is found satisfactory.
  7. Suspension/Expulsion orders can be implemented with regard to any resident student at any point of time on the following grounds:
    • Non-attendance of classes/tutorials/practical as per college norms
    • Willful violation of College/Hostel/University rules and regulations.
    • Non-payment of dues.


  1. A close female relative may be allowed to stay with a resident for a maximum of seven nights with prior permission of the Warden/Principal. The Guest/Visitor Register kept in the Hostel Office has to be filled and guest charges have to be paid in advance. After the expiry of the maximum stipulated period, the same guest cannot be shifted to some other resident of the Hostel. Under all circumstances it is the bonafide residents who are responsible for the conduct of their visitors/guests The Hostel/College Administration will enforce the strictest disciplinary measures with regard to visitors and guests.
  2. Male visitors are not allowed in the Hostel. However, a male visitor may be allowed to stay in the visitor's room of the hostel for not more than two hours, that too, between 10 00a.m.to 8.00p.m.
  3. Residents are responsible for the care and maintenance of furniture, furnishings and fixtures provided to them at the time of admission. They are required to return the allotted furniture in good condition. Any damage of Hostel property or collection is liable to lead to a collective penalty on all bonafide residents of the Hostel. Residents are not permitted to use additional appliances such as coolers, heaters, and electric irons without the prior permission of the Warden. Appropriate charges will be levied for the use of such appliances.
  4. Residents at all times are expected to conduct themselves with regard to the comfort and convenience of other residents. No resident is allowed to indulge in any activity in the room which may cause disturbance to others Playing of games and other loud and noisy activities in the corridors, Hostel-lawns or verandah is strictly forbidden. Residents are required to maintain cleanliness within the premises. Toilets, common spaces, lawns and adjoining areas of the Hostel should be kept clean.
  5. No student shall be allowed to take the meals to their rooms or outside the Dining Hall. The Warden/Principal/Members of the Hostel Committee have the right to enter any Hostel room whenever necessary even in the absence of the resident.
  6. All the resident students have to vacant the Hostel on or before 16th May each year. The rooms would be re-allotted to old students after re-admission and checking their antecedents as per the rules and regulations of the Hostel. However, if a student has to appear for an examination of Univ. Pertaining to his subject of study after 15th of May, he may be allowed to stay in the Hostel till the last date of Univ. Exam. after seeking prior approval from the warden. Such students should apply in writing to the warden on or before 10th May.

NOTE: Every resident is required to abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel. Anyone violating any rule will be liable to face disciplinary action. It should be noted that in the past, residents have been expelled for indulging in acts of misconduct. Residents are, therefore, required to read carefully all the above rules.