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Rules and Regulations

Discipline is the comer stone of higher education. Nothing great can be achieved without leading the path of discipline. The following rules and regulations are for the students:

  1. Students should respect teachers, employees and one another. They should generally conduct   inside and outside the college in such a way that they can rise the name of parents and the institution.
  2. Students should not loiter in corridors. They should not create rakes inside or outside the classes, when classes are underway.
  3. The college property is the students’ property. No harm should be done to it.
  4. Pasting posters or scribing on the walls is prohibited.
  5. A person who is not admitted in the college is not allowed to attend the class.
  6. Students must park their cycles, motorcycles and cars at the own parking stand. Parking vehicles at any other place in the college campus is prohibited.
  1. All students should have their Identity card with them as they are not allowed to enter the college campus without Identity card.
  2. The students should not only be aware of their own behavior but also be aware of the behavior of their college mates regarding discipline. It is their moral duty and we expect from them fulfill it carefully. 
  3. As per university rules, 75% attendance is must to be eligible for the practical and main examinations.
  4. The parents are expected to monitor behavior of their wards. They should remain in touch with the college authorities.
  5. For obtaining entry card of the university examination, it is necessary that the student should clear all the dues, and return library books, laboratory and sports items, NCC uniforms etc., otherwise the student will be barred from taking the examination. The parents are expected to ensure that their dependents have followed the above rules.
  6. Decision of the principal in matters of discipline and order, will be final.