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Welcome to Devta Mahavidhyala
First Self Finance College In Rural Area Of Bijnor District
Basic Computer Education for All Students
HIgh Qualified And Dynamic Faculty
15500+ Regular Students
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Pallavi SainiM.A., NET, Ph.DHead Of Department
2Dr. Nirdesh ChauhanM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
3Dr. Manju ChauhanM.A., Ph.DAssistant Professor
4Dr. ManjuM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
5Dr. Manisha MittalM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
6Dr. Jasvant SinghM.A., NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Mrs. Udita RajputM.A.Assistant Professor
2Dr Sunil KumarM.A., NETAssistant Professor
3Mrs. Monika RaniM.A., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
4Dr. Lokesh SinghM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
5Dr. Gajraj SinghM.A., PH.D.Assistant Professor
6Dr. Ashok KumarM.A., Ph.D.Head Of Department
7Dr. Akhilesh KumarM.A., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
8Dr. Ajit KumarM.A. Ph.DAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Susheel KumarM.A.,PH.D.Assistant Professor
2Dr. Surajbhan SinghM.A., B.Ed, Ph.D.Head Of Department
3Dr. Ompal SinghM.A.,Ph.D.Assistant Professor
4Mr. Madanlal SainiM.A. M.PHILL., NET (U.G.C.)Assistant Professor
5Dr. Lokvir SinghM.A.,PH.D.Principal
6Dr. Jogendra SinghM.A.,PH.D.Assistant Professor
7Dr. Jogamber LalM.A., PH.DAssistant Professor
8Dr. Chandrabhan SinghM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Shobhana GahlotM.A.,Ph.D.Head Of Department
2Mr. Harshvardhan SinghM.A., M.PHILL., NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Vikas KumarM.A., NETAssistant Professor
2Dr. Rashid KhanM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
3Dr. Devendra KumarM.A., Ph.D.Head Of Department
4Dr Avinash KumarM.A., M.PHILL., Ph.D, NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Sanjay KumarM.A., NETAssistant Professor
2Dr. Rahul TyagiM.A., Ph.D.Assistant Professor
3Mr. Pradeep KumarM.A., SLETAssistant Professor
4Mr. Parvendra KumarM.A., B.P.EdAssistant Professor
5Mrs. Nidhi RaniM.A., SLETAssistant Professor
6Dr. Amit KumarM.A., Ph.D.Head Of Department
7Dr. Abhimanyu KumarM.A., PH.D.Assistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Sunita SinghM.A (Economics), M.A (English), Ph.D.Head Of Department
2Mr. Haridutt SharmaM.A., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
3Mr. Dinesh VermaM.A., B.EdAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Miss Sumitra DeviM.A., B.EdAssistant Professor
2Mrs. Shweta BhardwajM.A., NETAssistant Professor
3Mrs. Priyanka VermaM.SC., NETAssistant Professor
4Dr. Priya GuptaM.A., Ph.D. Assistant Professor
5 ParulM.A.Assistant Professor
6Mrs. Neha ManralM.SC., NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Pradeep KumarM.P.ED.Head Of Department
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Rajeev KumarM.SC.,M.PHIL., Ph.D, M.B.A., B.EdHead Of Department
2Mr. Himanshu MalikM.SC.,M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
3Mr. Ashish DevM.SC., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
4Mr. Ajeet KumarM.SC., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Mr Trivendra KumarM.Com., M.EdAssistant Professor
2Mr Tejaswi KumarM.A. (Drawingh & Painting)Assistant Professor
3Mr Sunil KumarM.A. (Political Science), M.EdAssistant Professor
4Mrs Sapna MishraM.A. (Music)Assistant Professor
5Mr Sachin Kumar PrabhakaM.Sc. (Bio-tech), M.Ed.Assistant Professor
6Mr Mohit RajputM.A. (Psychology), M.EdAssistant Professor
7Mr Madanpal SinghM.A. (Sanskrit), M.EdAssistant Professor
8Mrs Kunjan Lata BhartiM.A. (Sociology), M.EdAssistant Professor
9Mr Komal SinghM.Sc. (Maths), M.Ed.Assistant Professor
10Mr Veerpal SinghM.A. (English), M.EdAssistant Professor
11Mr Sushil KumarM.P.EdAssistant Professor
12Mrs Shelly VermaM.Com., M.Ed. NETAssistant Professor
13Dr Mahesh Chandra SharmaM.A. (Geography), M.Ed, P.hdHead Of Department
14Mr Khemendra KumarM.A. (Geography), M.EdAssistant Professor
15Mr Dinesh Kumar VermaM.A. (Economics), M.EdAssistant Professor
16Mr Devendra KumarM.Sc. (Botany), M.A. (Hindi), M.Ed. NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr Jayveer SinghM.A., Ph.D.Head Of Department
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Krishnapal SinghM.A, M.ED., M.PHILL.Head Of Department
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Mr. Vikky SinghM.SC NETAssistant Professor
2Mr. Sanjeev KumarM.SC.,NETAssistant Professor
3 Rahul KumarM.SC.Assistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Sateesh KumarM. SC., PH.D.Assistant Professor
2Dr. Padam SinghM.SC.,M.PHIL.Head Of Department
3Mr. Asheesh SharmaM.SC., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Neera RaniM.SC., PH.D.Assistant Professor
2Mr. Dinesh Kumar SharmaM.SC., M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
3Dr. Amit SharmaM.SC.,PH.D.Head Of Department
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Mr. Narendra KumarM.SC.,M.PHILL.Assistant Professor
2 Lokpal Singh YadavM.SC.,PH.D.Head Of Department
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr. Susheel KumarM.COM., PH.D.Assistant Professor
2Mr Shuvi JunejaM.Com.NETAssistant Professor
3Mrs. Jitendra KumarM.COM., NETAssistant Professor
4Dr. Durgesh SharmaM.COM., PH.D.Head Of Department
5Mrs. Deepak Kumar GuptaM.COM., PH.D.Assistant Professor
6Dr. Anshu TankM.COM., NETAssistant Professor
Sr NoNameQualificationDesignation
1Dr Sudheer Kumar SharmaM.SC.,P.G.D.C.P., M.A, B.EdAssistant Professor
2Dr Ajay Singh PalB.SC.,D.A.M.S.Head Of Department